Funding Available

There are several ways funding could be made available for your Home Care. Funding for Home Care services can come from various sources, you may be able to fund the service privately, or maybe this can be provided by Social Services or split through direct payments, it maybe that you are able to approach the Independent Living Fund for assistance or approach the local Primary Care Trust's Healthbudget.


Direct Payments

These are payments made by Local Councils for people who have been assessed as requiring help from Social Services and who would like to arrange and pay for their own care and support services rather than receiving them from the Local Council directly. You can request a visit from a Social Worker in your area, however, they will be unable to assist with funding if your savings exceed £22,500. Once you have reached this threshold Social Services will assess your needs and fund accordingly. 


Continuing Care

This is fully funded care for people who do not require care in an NHS acute hospital but who do require high degrees of healthcare. providing your needs satisfy the required criteria you could qualify, however, the largest group who receive continuing care are the elderley. Continuing care is intended to cover the entire costs of all care, including medical, nursing and personal care.


Independent Living Funds

These are financed and set up by central government and are dedicated to the financial support of disabled people thus enabling them to live in the community as opposed to residential care. Both the earnings and that of any partner are disregarded by the ILF thus enabling you to continue to earn without losing any funding.


Disability Living Allowance

This allowance is for children and adults (who are under the age of 65) who require assistance with walking or personal care with a physical or mental disability. For more information please contact the Benefit Enquiry Line on 080088 22 00


Care Fee Payment

Can provide guaranteed monthly payments to cover all or part of nursing home or home care costs. This can be for those planning for future elderly care or for immediate care needs. Check your existing policies to see if they cover the cost of care or contact an insurance provider or independent financial advisor.


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