It's good to socialise

Meeting other people can have a considerable positive effect on the contentment of someone being cared for at home on a long-term basis. And for someone undergoing a short rehabilitation period, getting out and about, or at least having visitors to call, can greatly speed the recovery time.

In the care plans we draw up with our customers, we always try to incorporate some elements of socialising, because it is so beneficial. 

Everyone benefits from meeting other people

Although everyone has unique needs, and physical abilities may differ greatly, we find that everyone benefits from occasional (and preferably regular) socialising. A social event is always something to look forward to, enjoy at the time and then look back on and reflect on.

If someone is wheelchair-bound, that's not a barrier to us, and even someone who is permanently bedridden should be able to receive visitors at home from time-to-time - in fact, they probably need social interaction more than anyone does, to bring a little of the outside word into their life. 

What social activities do you enjoy?

We help our customers to enjoy a wide variety of social activities, including:

  • Organising days out, such as meeting friends and family
  • Regular weekly visits to the local pub, or a social club
  • Visits to watch the action at the local cricket or bowls club
  • Shopping trips
  • Visits to the hairdresser, nail bar or chiropodist, for some pampering
  • A trip to the library, to chose some books or CDs
  • Meeting friends at a café for tea and cake
  • A visit to the cinema or theatre

The possibilities are endless; so if you have a particular destination in mind, just let us know all about it and we will make the necessary arrangements for you to attend.

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